Ansley Park Beautification Foundation

What is the Beautification Foundation?

The Beautification Foundation was established in 1983 as a 501 C3, a tax deductible organization, which enhances the maintenance of our parks and islands, and, by working with the City of Atlanta, adds capital improvements to these same areas. The Foundation can only work in the public spaces of our neighborhood.
  What does the Beautification Foundation do?

Since 1983 with private funds raised from our neighbors, the Foundation has carried out enhanced maintenance and improvement of our parks and traffic islands, added another park, the Dell, to our green bracelet of five parks, and recently totally renovated Eubanks Park. It has restored the gazebo in McClatchey Park, added new playground equipment to Winn and McClatchey parks, and provided the granite markers in the islands at the entrances to the neighborhood.
Who is the Beautification Foundation?

The officers on the Beautification Foundation board include:
John Stagmeier, President
Derrick Brown, Treasurer
Jeanie Lewis, Secretary
  Why do we need your help?

As the city's parks' budget has decreased, the Foundation has become responsible for more of the maintenance of the parks and islands. We need your help to further add capital improvements to our parks and islands.